Seize control with Calm Down Tonic and revel in your newly nourished, soothed scalp.

The combined powers of Menthol’s anti-inflammatory touch, Tea Tree’s soothing relief, and botanical extracts’ revitalising properties in Calm Down Tonic will banish the annoyance in one clear swoop!

Walk away with a scalp that’s not just refreshed but dripping in freshness, wrapped in hydration and radiating health.

Get the best results:
Apply directly to the scalp, massage lightly, and leave on to do it’s magic. Can be used daily for maximum benefits. Enhance performance by using alongside Calm Down Shampoo and Calm Down Conditioner

What makes it great:
– Seize control with Calm Down Tonic for a newly nourished, soothed scalp.
– Walk away with a scalp refreshed, dripping in freshness, wrapped in hydration, and radiating health.
– Unleash freshness for a revitalised, hydrated, and healthy scalp.
– Let the triple power of Menthol, Tea Tree, and botanical extracts deliver a knockout blow to scalp annoyances.

Ingredients and properties:
Menthol: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal benefits
Biotin: Treats, calms, and protects scalps
Botanical extracts: Leaves hair and scalp fresh and invigorated



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Calm Down Tonic

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