Quick Fix

Quick Fix
What is Quick Fix?
Quick Fix is an in-salon protein treatment that takes just half an hour, with results that last for up to a month.
Define curls, tame frizz and enjoy healthy hair that’s easier to manage, whatever style you choose.
Choose to ReBuild or ReHydrate, to suit your hair type. For even greater repair there’s Quick Fix +, an intense boost of hair repair that takes just 45 minutes.
Adds moisture without weight, for coarse, dry or damaged hair and hydrates and repairs to nourish and rebuild, leaving luxurious hair, with a silky soft finish.
Strength with softness for fine, thin or limp hair creating semi-permanent strength with a compound of proteins to create multiple layers of repair, for luxurious results.
Quick Fix+
Intensify the treatment and the results. Even greater repair, strength and hydration in just 45 minutes.
Quick Fix + provides an even more luxurious in-salon treatment. Leaves thick, dry, weak or damaged hair feeling stronger, softer, healthier and with incredible shine. For hair that needs an extra boost to leave it looking and feeling amazing, with results that last for up to one month.
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