What is
Foam Treatment?
Damaged hair in the depths of despair? Want to rebuild your hair to get the very best from your natural curls? Or just fancy treating yourself to a nourishing boost? INNOluxe Foam Treatment is your best friend. Foam Treatment is a pampering treat that repairs and rebuilds the bonds in your hair, as well as adds that signature silky-softness and super-shine.
How does it work?
After gently cleansing your hair, your stylist will apply FOAM V3, our super-concentrated bond-builder and intensive repair treatment. It needs 10 minutes to work its magic, so you can relax, enjoy a coffee and scroll on your phone while the Advanced AminoBond Technology does its thing. Next comes Balance Plus V3, which completes the repair and feeds the hair with the nourishing and conditioning ingredients it needs and loves.
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It is created especially for the Stand-Alone treatment.
Advanced AminoBond Technology.
Pre-Diluted ReBond V3
Super concentrated
A super-relaxing treatment
Strengthens & protects hair
Restores Elasticity & repairs cuticles
Constructs a super strong network of sulphur bonds
Boosts curl retention in perms (& makes perms possible for weak or damaged hair)