Evolvere Philosophy

We believe that everyone is entitled to the hair they desire, the hair that truly matches their look and lifestyle, and ultimately hair that makes them feel great. From our restorative full Ultimate Treatment to our care and styling products, each and every product in the range is designed to transform hair into something to be proud of.
Every single person in our journey counts: from our worldwide ambassadors to our in-Salon experts, and especially our Salon's clients who are looking to rediscover their hair's potential. To all, we offer our expertise, our innovation, and our passion for stunning, easy to manage hair. Our mission is to develop the innovations that push the industry forward. We want to give hairdressers the treatments and products that create the perfect canvas to give their clients their best ever hair.


Trevor Sorbie

Trevor Sorbie, the world-class hairdresser and entrepreneur,
is the Global Ambassador for KeraStraight...


Sophia Hilton

Sophia is the most creative, forward-thinking colourist of this generation.
She leads the way in the latest...