Keep your blonde cool and cleanse your hair in the gentlest of ways
Designed with cool blondes in mind, PLATINUM Shampoo is a powerful vegan purple shampoo that neutralises those annoying yellow tones that can creep back into your blonde hair over time. It’s free of sulphates and sodium chloride (salt), making it gentle when it comes to cleansing, plus it strengthens, hydrates, thickens and adds shine!

Get the best results
Massage PLATINUM Shampoo into damp hair, lather and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if you feel it’s needed. Once you achieve the colour effect you want, alternate with a colour safe shampoo (we recommend #SAVED Shampoo) to avoid over-pigmenting.
PLATINUM Shampoo works best with its buddies, PLATINUM Conditioner and PLATINUM Mask.

What makes it great?
Gently neutralises unwanted yellow tones thanks to our deep purple pigments
Is kind to your hair, as it’s free of sodium chloride (salt!) and sulphates
Leaves your hair with that long-lasting INNOluxe shine and softness that everyone raves about!

Hero Ingredients
Deep purple pigments, soybean, glycerin, vitamin B5 and betaine




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Platinum Shampoo

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