Tackling scalp concerns head-on. Calm Down Conditioner plunges intense hydration deep into every strand, leaving you with hair that’s not just silky and shiny but downright unbreakable.

Drenched in a potent fusion of fruit and plant extracts, including Menthol, Biotin, Panthenol, and other botanical wonders. This combination annihilates dry, flaky scalps in one luscious sweep.

Get the best results:
Massage gently into damp hair and scalp after cleansing with Calm Down Shampoo. Comb through and leave for 0-5 minutes before rinsing well. Complete the routine with Calm Down Tonic

What makes it great:
– Tackles scalp concerns head-on with Menthol’s antibacterial touch, Biotin’s strengthening magic, Panthenol’s moisture lock, and botanical extracts’ rejuvenating essence.
– Goes beyond just the scalp. Experience itch-free bliss and total hair health with Calm Down Conditioner.
– Reliably delivers itch-free bliss, time and time again.
– Penetrates deep into every strand for intense hydration, leaving hair silky, shiny, and unbreakable.

Ingredients and properties:
Menthol: Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal benefits
Biotin: Treats, calms, and protects scalps
Panthenol: Adds health, strength, softness, and shine to hair
Botanical extracts: Leaves hair and scalp fresh and invigorated




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Calm Down Conditioner

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