Working at Evolvere

Working at
Evolvere Salon Solutions
We are constantly striving to bring a positive impact on our people. Our handpicked team of professionals believes in creating a work environment where everybody can either be inspired or inspiring. All of us longs to end up at the best working place, right? But what exactly makes any company desirable to work at? Let’s break it down for you. At Evolvere Salon Solutions, we consider our people are the ones who represent us in front of our customers and make us look good. That’s why we have created an environment where people matter. We give you a workplace where you feel that you belong and can grow as an individual.
Challenge Your Best Skills and Assign Meaningful Task
We understand the importance of assigning relevant tasks depending on individual skillset keeping your work exciting, interesting and challenging.
Exceptional Leadership
We have inspiring and extraordinary leadership with an adequate amount of experience in the personal care industry. They feel responsible towards the employees and believe in providing opportunities to each deserving individual for better growth. The bond between employees and leaders are fostered by mutual trust, respect, support, and honesty.
Prioritize Your Zeal and Personality
Your character wins over other attributes. People with passion, liveliness, and courage are appreciated in our work culture.
Train Our Employees
We invest in the training and development process aiming to improve employees’ performance and personality required for the project. Training helps in teaching better skills required to increase productivity such as how to handle demanding customers or how to increase online sales, whereas the development techniques focus on overall personality and management skills.
Appreciate Hard Work
We value our employees and their contributions to the assigned tasks. We praise, reward and recognize our employees in both formal and informal manner. We celebrate hard work, despite the results.
Motivate Work-Life Balance
Employees, who can control and own their lives both personally or professionally, are more probable to have better work relationships and time at the office. We encourage a flexible environment for our employees by accommodating performing individuals request and requirements, paid time off, short breaks, family day, etc. This keeps us in attaining perfect work-life balance because people with the better psychological state are going to help organizations to boost productivity and reduce workplace conflicts.