Inclusion and Diversity

Why us
Inclusion and Diversity
You Belong Here! We, at Evolvere Salon Solutions, work hard to create an environment for everybody to feel that they belong here. Our company celebrates diverse, inclusive and collaborative culture to drive benefits for both our business and our people. How diversity and inclusion bring a pragmatic difference in our work culture? We have observed many benefits of having such a work culture. Being open to hiring employees from diverse background have allowed us to access different perspectives which help us in understanding our diverse consumer base better. Diversity and inclusion motivate innovative results; vibrant personalities, perspectives, and experiences and makes Evolvere Salon Solutions an interesting, creative and high-spirited place to grow as an individual and a worker.
More Benefits
Improves productivity and learning. Diverse team solves problems quicker than a similar mindset people. Oppose unconscious biasness. Encourages healthy culture. Improves productivity and Better employee retention learning. Diversity doesn’t just involve millennials or Generation Z, it involves people of all races, religion, ethnicities, age, language, ability, nationality, gender, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation. Evolvere Salon Solutions ensure that we practice the following diversity and inclusion basics in our work culture Begin with establishing a sense of belonging for each individual. Having to feel a connection with a team or an organization brings significant results in engagement, loyalty, and innovation.
Not just a human resource department, our entire leadership believes in creating an intellectual and emotional empathetic environment for our employees to make them feel more included. Prioritize effective communication with our employees to overcome any type of cultural barriers. Strictly avoid a culture where making assumptions about an individual based on their different backgrounds become a norm. We treat each employee as an individual and judge their performance based on the merits rather than their background. Be open-minded. Encourage employees to value, respect and recognize every perspective, culture, and background. Hire a diverse workforce. We do not become bias with talent and focus on hiring the relevant education, experience and skill sets to form a naturally diverse team.

“Our company doesn’t include jargon words like ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ for the sake of sounding politically correct. We deeply believe that it’s the key to growth.” – Praver Kachroo

Support Gender Equality
We proudly claim to be an organization that completely supports equal access to resources, rewards, and opportunities regardless of someone’s gender. We aim to narrow down the gender disparity in our organization and strictly follow the below:
-To provide equal pay for work of comparable or equal value.
-Equal and full participation of women in the workplace.
-Strict policies against discrimination on the grounds of gender.
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