Why Kerastraight Over Other Treatments?

Kerastraight treatments and products are easy to use and deliver stunning results. With Kerastraight in your salon, you’ll infuse your business with a vibrant culture with delighted clients and help grow your business. Salons widely regard our Ultimate Treatment treatment as the best treatment in the world.

Trevor Sorbie MBE endorse the brand (as global ambassador) because he exemplifies the essence of Kerastraight – the highest standards merged with innovative style.

We are extremely proud to be the Global Ambassador for Kerastraight – working closely with Jez Barnett and his team of experts promoting their revolutionary range of smoothing and repairing treatments. We want to be associated with the best of the best and we feel that Kerastraight are one of those like-minded, forward-thinking companies who are always trying to do something inventive and new as a business. Kerastraight really delivers, for our clients, our team and our business.

-Trevor Sorbie MBE, 4 x British Hairdresser of the Year

How Do I Prepare For Ultimate Treatment?

Ultimate Treatment will straighten and repair all hair types in one go, but for the weakest or most dry hair, we would recommend an Intense Boost treatment a week or two beforehand. For weak hair, Protein Boost will deliver strength with softness, and for dry hair, Moisture Boost will give gorgeous hydration without weight.

Is Ultimate Treatment Permanent?

No. Ultimate Treatment is based on the hair’s natural proteins and gradually fades from hair.

Can I apply Ultimate Treatment Over Colour?

Yes. Ultimate Treatment transforms all coloured hair including highlighted, bleached, coloured, and is also perfectly suitable for virgin hair. Evolvere can be applied over all types and brands of colour including Henna. 

Can I Apply Ultimate Treatment Over Perm?

Yes, Ultimate Treatment will strengthen, repair and straighten all hair including previously permed. Leave 30 days after a Kerastraight treatment before applying a perm.

When Can I Colour With Ultimate Treatment?

Non-oxidising colours (direct acting true semi-permanent and temporary colours) can be applied directly after the first shampoo, which can be after just 30 minutes. Oxidising colours (tints, bleach, quasi-permanent) can be applied either 2 days before the service or 2 days afterwards. It is usually best to lighten prior and add depth and tone after the treatment.

Ultimate Treatment and Straightened Hair?

Yes, our treatments will strengthen and repair all hair, which can be ideal after a chemical straightening service. Leave 30 days after Ultimate Treatment before applying a chemical straightening service.

Can I Apply Ultimate Treatment Over Relaxed Hair?

Yes. Ultimate Treatment will strengthen and repair as well as enhance the straightening benefits after a relaxer. Leave 30 days after Ultimate Treatment before applying a relaxer.

What's The Shelf life?

Once opened, you must use Ultimate Treatment and Intense Boost masks within 12 months, providing the lid is tightly sealed again after opening.

Will Kerastraight Work On Afro-Caribbean Hair?

Yes. Ultimate Treatment works brilliantly on very curly hair, including Afro-Caribbean. The tightest curls will be softened and relaxed as opposed to completely straightened.

We have been blown away by the transformations and results Kerastraight has provided by smoothing and repairing a variety of Afro-Caribbean hair types, whether it’s loose curls or the tightest coils.

Kerastraight delivers manageability, shine and softness to the hair each and every time so we know it will delight our clients, reduce their styling time and help make gorgeous hair easy to achieve.

-Calvin Rattray: Managing Director / Hype Coiffure - Kerastraight Afro-Caribbean Ambassador


How Long Does Ultimate Treatment Last?

Ultimate Treatment has been designed to be long-lasting (up to 4 months).

On hair that has had previous chemical services, the results are more dramatic and last longer. With hair types that are natural with no chemical service history, the results are better and last longer after subsequent treatments. The earliest Ultimate Treatment can be re-applied is 30 days.


Once hair has been transformed with Ultimate Treatment it needs to be maintained with Kerastraight Moisture Enhance or Volume Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner to maximise the benefits and longevity of the treatment.

How Long Does Ultimate Treatment Take?

Usually between 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on hair type and length, but there is a 30 - 45 minute sink-in time, so another client can be looked after during that time.

When Can I Shampoo?

Once the service is complete, the hair can be shampooed after just 30 minutes, although most clients prefer to shampoo themselves at home when it suits them. It’s important that the hair is rinsed for 3-5 minutes before the first shampoo after the treatment.

We recommend only using Kerastraight Moisture Enhance or Volume Enhance Shampoos and Conditioners. These luxurious homecare products are free from Sodium Chloride (Salt) and sulphates, which could both strip the new proteins from the hair and include our exclusive KS Complex to maximise the treatment's performance and longevity.

When Can I Use Styling Products?

YES, but your Kerastraight stylist may recommend an alternative styling product to best suit your newly repaired and straightened hair.

We always recommend KeraStraight Styling Products as these have been developed to continue the repair and protection.

Kerastraight Treatments and Pregnancy?

Our treatments are built on conditioners and proteins and do not contain formaldehyde or any of its derivatives.

If you are pregnant or nursing and have any concerns as to the suitability of our treatments, we would recommend you consult with your doctor prior to use.

All Kerastraight treatments and products must be used in accordance with our instructions.

When Can Ultimate Treatment Be Reapplied?

Ultimate Treatment should last up to 4 months but can be re-applied after one month. 

What's The Best Homecare?

  Kerastraight recommends only using the Kerastraight Moisture and Volume Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner and Moisture Mask or Protein Mask These products are sodium chloride and sulphate free and have been developed to maximise the longevity of the Ultimate Treatment.

They also contain our special KS Complex to support and maintain your client’s treatment and protect against daily environmental stresses.