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Our aspirations are not simply confined to the monetary benefits, but to win hearts with what we do. That’s why we prioritize to listen to our audience and articulate their desires. To follow the right path, we have to stick to our core values which would define our business growth and shape our company’s culture. Striving to become an ultimate guide of beauty and hair as we aim to define style and create desire with variety and exclusivity. By providing highly researched, apt, and bold techniques as well as products with the agenda of giving consumers a customized solution for their hair care worry. Evolvere Salon Solutions is a one-stop problem-fixer for both the Salon owners and hair & beauty consumers. Our business can be a Salon product distributor for the Salon chains or an online seller of hair and beauty products for exclusive consumers.

Praver Kachroo


Praver Kachroo is founder and C.E.O at Evolvere Salon Solutions. An aspiring entrepreneur from a young age, Praver is known for his tenacity and passion for building, marketing and monetizing whatever he touches. His career has taken him around with high profile brands like Book My Show, Luxxotica, Diageo and L’Oreal. In September 2015, Praver joined an esteemed luxury beauty care company as a senior salesperson in Delhi. His long-term alliance with this global beauty brand made him go in-depth into personal care subject. Being responsible for the sales department, he got involved in the intense science behind the product attributes and services leading him to become product strategy nerd. This is probably where the idea got seeded into his head and he took his initial steps towards shaping his plans- Evolvere Salon Solutions. Before moving to Delhi, he was a key account person at Diageo, a multinational company in Pune where he was responsible for leading premium outlets through various sales and marketing channels. He has learned about several retail marketing strategies including premiumization.

Working at different levels in these giant businesses honed his remarkable skills like building a product or business strategies, to set up a process, and how to create a comprehensive implementation plan. Quick Facts: Praver is an ardent traveller who loves exploring unexplored places. A bookaholic who takes a delightful pleasure in socializing and networking; it simply makes him an ambivert. Praver possesses a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit combined with a deep zeal for both business and its people. His skill set ranges from risk management, public speaking, product management to sales & marketing.



As Evolvere’s Co-Founder and Operations Head, Shwetank does more than handling just distribution. He designs business strategies to improve customer retention, drive escalations for customer issues and devise engagement plans. After graduating from college, he immediately joined his family-owned business where he learned various unique strategies of running an organizational setup. He further honed his management skills and this period became an educational lesson building a foundation for his future aspirations. With years of experience in the operations and logistics department, he has managed operational tasks worth 30 Crores (300 million) at the ground level with finesse. Managing incoming and outgoing of product materials in good condition as well as sorting and negotiating with transportation companies, customers and suppliers are some of the basic tricks he has folded up in his sleeves. He has handled operations and logistics part for brands like Loreal, Aroma Magic, Roots, Christine Valmy, Beyu. He is a workaholic obsessed with innovating creative ways to handle operational work that's astonishingly effective and useful. When he is not working, he is found shooting the ball through that hoop at the basketball court.

Charli Mac

Head Of Education

Charli spent a year, training in classic and avant-garde hair styling, at ghd. She has also studied the profound detailing on hair colouring subject with L’Oreal last summer and graduated by topping her class in the L’Oreal Colour Specialist Degree. As the highest level hairstylist consultant in London Salons, she has also developed a fabulous clientele because she enjoys the process of honing her customer dealing skills – a must quality for a successful hairdresser. Her only objective is to make sure that her client walks out with that ‘dream hair’ look. Time spent with Charli has often been referred to as ‘hair school’! She is always inspiring to her fellow hairdressers to become their best selves. Charli is proud that the hair industry encourages community, not competition. She says, “Knowledge is power and education is the single most important investment of time in any career to succeed. We should never stop learning.” From the beginning, Charli has been passionate about spreading hair education. She believes a thirst for knowledge and expertise on the science of hair is fundamental to being a great hairdresser.

Charli Mac is an education director with Evolvere Salon Solutions. Almost a decade ago, Charli Mac started her hairdressing career with some of the top hair Salon companies in England. She has been lucky enough to work with and be mentored by some of the best in the business, including Zoe Irwin, Andy Heasman, Tina Farey, Jo Robertson, Kenna, and countless others on events such as London Fashion Week, Salon International, Rush Live and Pro Hair Live. This enlightening journey has inspired her to dedicate her career in studying the core techniques and technologies required to understand the most fascinating areas of hairdressing.

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